This is a box for in:sync's award-winning non-linear video editing software package SPEED RAZOR MACH 4. Innovative products call for innovative packaging.
  In direct contrast to the 'cutting edge' software inside this box, the packaging suggests that this box has been buried for hundreds of years only recently to be discovered by archeologists. Possibly left here by a future society? As you open your treasure the contents get 'cleaner' as you progress toward the 'jewel' at the center... the CD ROM itself.

  This is a CD ROM product box made of a new 'rubbery' material called, appropriately enough, "scuba".
  The "scuba" material is skid resistant (which is important when editing video at high speeds) and wipes clean with a damp sponge.
After the CD ROM and T-shirt are removed this curious box takes on a another useful function.
Thirteen CDs can be nicely stored 'spine up' or 'flat' in the box and will not spill out even if the box is turned upside down and shaken vigorously. The inside of the box is covered with a smoother textured black material. Eight reinforced black rivets secure the two outer sides.
  It is a beautiful box... and even has that nice rubbery 'new car' smell.