Black Egg's Darren Wheeling, while serving as Art Director for in:sync corporation, created an interesting centerpiece for their trade show booth.

  To emphasize the SPEED and HIGH-TECH aspects of their new product, Speed Razor, a futuristic motorbike was designed and built. The bike was placed on the booth at an angle as if surging upward crashing through a real (and quite heavy) concrete wall, which separates into four pieces to reveal the large hidden pole that the bike is actually supported by. Rebar covered in debris was bent outward to further emphasize 'impact'.

  The bike itself was constructed of fiberglass in record time by the amazing folks at Rocket Science Props and Magic (now Digitropolis) in Southern California. [If you've seen the "Batman" films then you've seen their work] The unique coloring is a textured and marbleized purple used mostly on competition hot rods. The bike, which has an eight-foot wheel base, contains working head and tail lights, effects lighting, hidden neon in the rims, a nine inch television monitor in the dashboard with a video tap running down through the wall to a VTR or live camera. The (non-functioning) engine has a glass extension with visible 'blue lightening' effects. Two joysticks mounted on the dash simulate controlled steerage. The seat sports wrap-around black upholstery which is quite comfortable. Oh and in case you're wondering, the bike runs on "unleaded plutonium" only.