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This is the story of a little boy struggling with a burning secret, and his troubled older brother who is literally in over his head. It's a story of personal exploration, of blind faith, of parental neglect, and of... the boy in the yard.

Story and Art by Darren Wheeling

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Hey look! The reviews are in:

"Can I just tell you that your new comic is sooo amazing? I can't wait for
the next installment. I told some people at the office about it and they
were completely blown away when they went to your site. Congratulations
are definitely in order." - Allyson H.

"I saw the theatre - it looks amazing! How in the hell are you getting the
characters to look like clay? Some stuff looks drawn, but some looks photo-
real. How are you doing this? It's amazing!" - Thom S.

"I'm diggin' it already!" - Jeff K.

"You're just going to leave us hanging like that? I feel like Peter trapped
under the dirt. Well done, nice graphics work." - Bill P.

"Damn boy, u sure got sum photoshop skeels! I love the comic book!" - Matt K.

"Your comic is awesome!" - Eron C.

"This stuff is crazy wicked! Boy in the Yard rocks like Manowar,
BIG-NASTY-CRAZED-KILLA'-LOUD!!! It is wiggin' me out man! When I check
out your page I feel like I am listening to the Moody Blues backwards! Yo,
yo; what I am trying to say is keep it wicked, keep it crazy, cause I love it!
Keep it real! This stuff is KILLA' BAD-N-NASTY!!!" - Cliff W.

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