Thom Shepherd's clever little retro "Flying Saucer" fable seems as timely in today's paranoid culture as it did in 1989 when he created the strip. It features a pair of button-up scientists, Walt and Frank, and a couple joy-ridin' foot-loose aliens who cause more than their fair share of confusion. Told in minimal black & white panels with touches of gray and half-tone, Thom's nostalgic comic recalls a simpler time and reminds one of the child-like wonders of discovery. "A Friday in '52" is reminiscent of the days when comics were clean and uncluttered and stories were character driven avoiding unnecessary violence and cliched stereotyping. Black Egg Theatre is proud to dust off this little hidden gem and present it to you for the first time. Please Enjoy.


Poster © 1998 Black Egg Theatre

Story and Art by Thom Shepherd

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