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We raid the archives for this little fable from Thom Shepherd. As teenagers we encounter many new trials and discover new feelings, yet have limited experiences to draw from when dealing with problems. Sometimes what seems trivial to an adult can appear monumental to a teen. And as adolescents we occasionally get the feeling that nothing is going our way and the "powers beyond our control" conspire against our will. Desperation becomes the norm and failure almost a comfort. So here we find Lionel Johnson, normal high school senior, graciously enduring countless trials just to survive his weekend - the only regular part of life he normally anticipates. If a lesson can be learned, it's that no matter what seemingly unsurmountable dilemma presents itself before us, no matter how apparently difficult and unpleasant the task at hand, we can rest assured in the knowledge that IT COULD ALWAYS BE WORSE. It's a miracle things tend to stay on course as long as they do. But for poor Lionel, his weekend is going from bad to worse and miracles are in short supply. File under: Satire.

Story and Line Art by Thom Shepherd, Color/Image Manipulation by Darren Wheeling

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